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Terms of payment

Hav & Logi Skärhamn is obliged to ensure that:

  • You receive written confirmation of your booking, via E-mail.
  • Where and when you can receive the key to the house.
  • The house agrees with the description on our website.
  • You are informed of any important changes concerning your booking.
  • If you are not satisfied with the house, you should contact us.

Age limit for booking:
To book with us you must be 18 years. At the accommodation group, at least two people must be 18 years of age, unless a higher age limit stated on the booking-confirmation. Identification may be made upon arrival. Under the age limit is a requirement for access to the accommodation.

When does my booking become blinding?
The reservation becomes binding when you paid the deposit or the full rent

Departure earlier that planned:
If you arrive but choose to leave earlier than planned repaid no nights unless otherwise agreed with us.

Booking/ Payment:

  • You have open purchase in the 24 hours after you have booked.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you after booking.
  • The registration fee is payable 10 days from the time of booking.
  • Booking earlier than 60 days before arrival will be charged 20% of the total amount of the registration fee, the remaining balance is due 40 days before arrival.
  • Bookings of more than 40 days before arrival, the full booking amount is payable 10 days prior to arrival, however, before the day of arrival!
  • If you do not pay the deposit on time, we have the right to cancel your reservation. If you miss the final payment is counted as a cancellation on your part and then the cancellation policy.
  • For online booking, direct payment applies.

Cancellation Terms:
Cancellation fees in case of cancellation:
More than 40 days     20% of the booking amount.
Less than 39 days      50% of the booking amount.
Less than 11 days      75% of the booking amount.
Less than 1 day         100% of the booking amount.

Cancellation insurance:
Cancellation insurance can be added for a fee of 299 SEK per house.

The cancellation insurance can only be added at the time of making a reservation. It is not possible to add the cancellation insurance at a later stage.

For bookings containing more than one house, it must be stated for which name each purchased cancellation insurance applies.

The cancellation insurance applies for cancellations due to sickness or accident of a serious kind which affects a family member or fellow traveller. A copy of a doctor’s certificate or a certificate from an insurance company or other authority must be provided to Hav o Logi in order to have the payment refunded, not including the 299 SEK fee of the cancellation insurance.

The cancellation insurance is valid until 24 hours before arrival.

  • The occurrence of a serious event beyond your control, such as extensive fire or flood in your home, which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you must honor your reservation.
  • Call up to military or civil defense.
  • You must be able to prove it’s linking with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company. Certificates received later than seven (7) days after the cancellation date will not be considered.
  • In case of cancellation will not be refunded the cost of cancellation insurance and possible booking fee.

Camping Rules:

  • If you are camping, you need a Camping-ID or a Camping Key Europe. Read more on

If you have a Camping Key Europe included special and accident risk insurance that protects you and your family when you stay at the campsite. You are responsible for the rest for you during your stay sufficient insurance cover.

What are my responsibilities? 

  • You are responsible for checking your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it. Any errors must be reported immediately. Promises by the booking staff that are of vital importance to you should be noted on the booking confirmation to be relied upon.
  • At the campsite applied SCR’s conduct of rules of order means that guests can be de-iced.Otherwise, Hav & Logi own rules of regulations.
  • The tenant (guest) must take care of the cottage and follow the rules, instructions and regulations. The guest is responsible for any damage that occurs to the property and its contents through the guest or anyone in the guest’s company negligence.
  • The guest may not use the cottage / apartment for anything other than what was agreed upon booking (normal leisure purposes) and the guest must not allow more people to stay overnight in the cottage, than what was stated on booking.
  • Guest must check in at the check that the cleaning is performed in a satisfactory manner. Notes must be reported within 12 hours after checking in at the reception, and will be corrected within 6 hours of the landlord.
  • The price of accommodation does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels and child bed, unless otherwise stated on the confirmation. Accommodation must be cleaned before departure according tidy displays are available in the accommodation (not if you paid for final cleaning).
  • If cleaning is neglected or not carried out in accordance with current procedures, the landlord has the right to charge a cleaning fee. The guest has the possibility to correct the remarks made in cleaning check.

Download Terms of Payment Here

Rules of Regulations

Time for check in and out
Camp/tent: Check in 12.00 / Check out 11.00
Hostel & family house: Check in 15.00 / Check out 11.00
If you don´t leave the camping area/ hostel/ house in time, it will be charged.

Speed Limit
Applicable in this area and is limited to 20 km. Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Specifically for caravans/ motorhomes
Camping Guests are responsible for all safety on the site.
You decide how the caravan camper will be the setting. If everyone leaves at least 2 meters to the adjacent lot, so met the requirement of 4 meters between each carriage. If the safety distance of 4 meters are not met or if the neighbor does not agree that staff determine how the vehicles must be established. No caravan shall be deployed without contact with the front desk (on no front desk can otherwise instructed).
The caravan is set up to move outward, in order to facilitate a possible evacuation. Only one vehicle per campsite is permitted

View other guests into consideration and clean up after you. In the common areas should not own belongings left behind, such as cooking utensils, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, soap, shampoo, etc. Think about the environment and lethargic not unnecessarily with water and electricity.

Sleeping tent may not be put up on the caravan site where the caravan is already there. Tent counted as own household and out of the fire and security aspect should tents stand in the designated camping area.

Show respect for other guests, between 23.00 and 07.00 shall be quiet at the camp. It is forbidden to let other guests using their personal code. Keep in mind that many want to rest for the next day. Noise or other loud sound from stereo, etc. as well as fights, vandalism, etc. cause immediate eviction and causes no refund for the remaining time at Hav & Logi.

Leave the common areas (service facility) in clean condition.
Dog owners must show the greatest possible respect towards other guests
Keep your dog on a short lead and the rest outside the area

Hav & Logi are not responsible for theft or damage to guests and the property that is beyond our control.
The guest cannot use the houses / hostel / camping to something other than what was agreed (usually recreation). It is not allowed to let more people stay in the houses/ hostels/ camping for overnight than reported at time of booking.

Guest agrees to take care for the houses/ hostel /camping site and follow the regulations and instructions that apply. The guest is responsible for all damages incurred houses / hostel / camping site and its contents by anyone in your party negligence.

Family house, hostel and camping area should clean before you departure. This also applies to those who have booked the conference rooms and relaxation area.
Note: You can book the cleaning for family houses.

Waste Disposal
Help us to keep clean here at Hav & Logi, please use the waste sorting.
Guests are responsible for their own garbage is not left on the campsite, hostel or in family houses. All garbage should be taken care of immediately.

Barbecues & Safety
Will you barbecue, so we recommend you to our barbecue places that are behind service housing and family houses.
Read fire safety regulations.
Charcoal may only be disposed of special charcoal containers available on our environmental stations.
Be observant if there is a fire ban.

No smoking in all of in all our facilities, service building, reception, relaxation center, hostel and in all family homes!
Remember that cigarette butts can be extremely harmful to young children and animals, so pick up your butts, you are doing everyone a favor.

Placed at the service building and the environmental station.
Fire alarms and fire extinguishers in each family house, in the hostel and in the reception building.

First aid kit
Available in Reception

Turn to us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that your chances of obtaining redress may diminish if you delay a complaint.

Agreement will expire with immediate effect if:

  • You or someone in your company a disturbance in the area.
  • You or someone in your company causes damage to the house / room or on the field.
  • If the house / room / camping grounds are not used for the intended purpose.

If the contract is terminated due to the above reasons have you and your company move immediately and a refund of the remaining amount of rent will not occur. At the campsite should be entire rental period is payable at check in and you will also be liable for payment of any refunds to guests who have been affected.

Download Rules of Regulations here